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Vanilla Brasserie Bangkok

One of my most memorable restaurant discovery in Bangkok is Vanilla Brasserie. Aside from having a nice ambiance, the restaurant also serves deliciously and camera-friendly dishes. Not to mention that it is also located in posh Siam Paragon Mall.

Wafu Goes Live with Exciting Offerings

Wafu celebrates its 4th anniversary this year and it has a line-up of exciting and mouthwatering dishes even for the picky eater. Wafu was conceptualized to merge exquisite dining ambiance and authentic Japanese cuisine. The restaurant boasts of nice interiors and a teppanyaki area at the second floor. Of course, Wafu also serves great tasting Japanese dishes with ingredients flown in weekly from Japan to give diners a gastronomic dining experience.

Here's teaser of what we ate.
Cold Platter: Toro, Hamachi, Salmon, Uni, Gruper, Aji and Tiger Prawn.
The colors and texture of the sashimi, and even the generous slice is what makes Wafu's Cold Platter a cut above the rest. No need to say more.

Exploring Jalan Alor's Streetfood Market

I've been curious about the streetfood scene in Kuala Lumpur eversince I attended the World Streetfood Congress 2016 which was held in Manila last April. The flavors was really awesome and I know that it would be moreso if I go to its country of origin.

So here I am at Kuala Lumpur's famous Jalan Alor Streetfood Market (warning: don't read with an empty stomach) and having the time of my life relishing the sight and smell around me.

Pizza Hut's Blowout Pizza presents X-Men: Apocalypse and Extreme Las Vegas Adventure

Pizza-lovers rejoice! Pizza Hut recently introduced the 18-inch Blowout Pizza. This extraordinary pizza comes in four flavors in one crust so everyone will surely enjoy feasting on this humongous Blowout Pizza. One quarter is for Meat Lovers, then another quarter is topped with Hawaiian Supreme, then there's the Supreme, and lastly, the Roast Beef slices (which I like the best!).

Great Taste Coffee: Celebrating Greatness Everyday

Great Taste has been a household favorite coffee since the 70's and thru the years it expanded its coffee variants for us to enjoy.

The event's theme- Choose to Be Great tested the creativity of the guests who were asked to write down their answers and have their photos taken.

Tom Yam and Other Midnight Cravings

After years of planning, Team Kapusa was able to go on an out-of-the-country foodtrip for the first time. It was way past midnight when we landed at KLIA2 and we were quite starving by then. we didn't get to eat dinner during our flight because we are all eager to savor the dishes sold at Kuala Lumpur's street market.

Prost to Brotzeit

It was my non-foodie husband who first discovered Brotzeit sometime in 2013, and the restaurant has really left an impression on him that we dined there afterwards. And yes, it does leave a lasting impression- nice memories of the restaurant, and the food! Even my Dutch Uncle was impressed with Brotzeit.

Mother's Day Pampering at Marriott Cafe

A woman, who dazzles in the kitchen while doing her magic with huge portions of love and dedication in making meals for the family to feast on, deserves nothing but an equally gastronomic fete on Mother’s day! 

A Special Treat for a Special Mom at Mario’s

This Mother’s Day, a special gift awaits every mom who dines at Mario’s located along Tomas Morato, Quezon City.               Come in to have a leisurely breakfast of hearty Filipino favorites or lighter Continental meals.

Its A HapPinas World at Ministop with Coca-Cola

Ministop and Coca-Cola has teamed up to advocate "HapPinas" campaign to encourage Filipinos in being happy and fulfilled with their everyday lives, thus, strengthening the happiness of the nation as well. This partnership also highlighted the wide array of Ready-to-Eat (RTE) combo meals.