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Turning Five Daughter is officially five years old today. And in the blink of an eye, she's big already. I remember her as a little baby in my arms, her first steps at Rizal Park holding her Hello Kitty shoe! Making lots of friends in school and drinking endless caramel milk frap from Starbucks. Getting crazy over Barbie and now with Polly Pocket. Prepared pasta carbonara and hotdog; ordered pancit palabok and someone cooked sisig for daughter's birthday party. Ate H bought the chocolate cake from Goldilocks. We invited cousin H along with kids, M and A, Ate A and K, cousin M, wifey K and the kids- R, P and A. Then Ate L came over, as well as P and JJ and E. H and K are also present. Ninang P dropped by after the party. It was fun and the house was full of happy visitors. Today's News: - warrantless arrest being made by the AFP and PNP to those people believed to be behind the foiled coup plot and inciting rebellion against the government - rescuers packing up
Family Bonding Day We all felt cooped-up so we decided to go to Market Market to deliver hubby's books then head to Shang Plaza afterwards. Unfortunately (fortunately!), we ended up in Market Market because of the Go Negosyo Fair. We enjoyed lining up for the 'free' ice-cream but found out that its not free after all when we're in front of the line. But the P10/cone was worth it. Super yummy. It's Milkylicious (that's the name of the ice-cream). Late lunch was at Marina Seafood in the open air foodcourt of Market Market. I know its too early for baked oysters but we ordered it anyway. Daughter had her fave crispy shrimps and gulaman. Then its play time for daughter. She really got excited when she saw the size of the playground. Its huge! We (I joined her) had fun up and down the slide. Hehehe. Got tired after playing so we rested our feet (where else?) at Starbucks. Had iced-choco and caramel cream frap.
Ang Manok ni San Pedro Actually, this lechon manok was bought from Sr. San Pedro who was the purveyor of lechon manok flavored with tanglad (lemongrass). This franchise hails from the south (Visayas). I guess its popularity was because of the tanglad which makes it more flavorful and different from the other popular lechon manok around the metropolis.
A Devil's Food Cake? This is one of Chocolate Kiss Cafe's bestsellers. If I remember correctly, the first time I ate at Chocolate Kiss Cafe was in early 2k. Its one of the nicer restos in U.P. Diliman. The icing of this cake is pure love- marshmallow icing! Honestly, I can eat all the icing on this cake.

RECIPE: TKG's Sweet-Spicy Crab

Crabs Pineapple Juice Tomato Sauce Chili Sauce Salt Leek & Chives (optional) Yummy! We all enjoyed the crabs and sauce and we literally wiped-out the rice from the pot! Hahaha. Hungry beavers, indeed!
Bopis Also known as 'kandingga.' This delicious dish is made from the minced lung of pig. Sauteed in oil with spices, minced onions, bell pepper, bay leaf for that aromatic smell and its ready to eat. Daughter and I are just too tired to find our way into the kitchen so we bought this Bopis from our fave (the only one we patronize!) neighborhood karinderia. Karinderia is sort of like a dirty kitchen style of sidewalk resto with a small table and bench that sells home-cooked food. Other karinderia faves are menudo, tokwa'y-baboy and igado. Of course, I grew up loving my mother's version of bopis which I'm sure I can't copy as its been decades since I last tasted it. But she also had a vegetarian version of bopis made from tokwa, bell pepper and onions (all minced) and its quite yummy. I know I already tried making it and as always, hubby finds it delicious. Another fave Bopis is the one cooked by kuya L, hubby's eldest brother. His version is the '
Daughter's Princess School Party Everyone's really excited about the party. Daughter and I woke up real early today and we're in school by 930am! Unbelievable! The children had their lessons first (of course) while I was looking for the perfect cake. The one I bought was from Sansrival Store- Nelusko. I just added some flowers and a #5 candle courtesy of Rustan's Supermarket. And while waiting for the party time, hubby and I sipped our fave iced-choco drink from Starbucks. Then by 1130am, the McDo crew arrived (school) to set-up the Disney Princess backdrop as well as prepare the balloons and lootbags. And by 12nn when all classes ended, the children are all screaming at the top of their lungs. Why? They're excited, of course. I asked Teacher K to excuse daughter a bit earlier so that she can change her clothes. Instead of wearing a dress or a gown, I just bought her jeans, spaghetti strapped tank top and glittery bolero. Then she wore her boots and a new tiar
Rambutan This ugly-looking fruit is really yummy. Never mind the thorny skin. Inside is a juicy sweet flesh. I think we have a rambutan tree in our family farm in Quezon. Must be nice to see the tree ladden with these thorny but delicious fruits. Note-to-self: Visit the province!

RECIPE: Thai Red Curry Crab

Thai Red Curry Crab I've been craving for this since I read M's food-blog a few days ago. Luckily, it's (thai red curry) the first spice that I saw when we went to buy grocery at Shop and Carry earlier today. I bought some crabs and leeks and squash since eggplant doesn't agree with me. You can add eggplant if you like though. After boiling the desired amount of water, I added squash and onions and leeks. Then I mixed in the red curry powder and added the crab. I let it simmer until the crabs are cooked- yummy! Daughter like the crabs (of course) except for the curry sauce which is really too spicy for her.
Organic Market @ Salcedo Village We woke up earlier than usual today because daughter is craving for pancakes. Alas, it's almost 11am by the time we got to Jollibee so no more breakfast. We then went straight to the Organic Market at Salcedo Village in Makati. And daughter got lucky because there's someone there selling pancakes! I ordered seafood pasta and seafood paella (Una Mas) for me and hubby. We washed it down with Carabao's milk (regular and choco flavor). I wanted to buy veggies and some food items like vigan longganisa and ensaymadas but we plan to go to the mall and the food might spoil. However, we decided to buy plants instead (at the back of Cityland Pasong Tamo) and ended up in nearby Cash and Carry for our grocery supplies.
Lomi Years ago, there used to be a chinese restaurant at the corner of Welcome Rotonda and Mayon Street in Quezon City. Hubby and I used to frequent this place because I love the lomi that was being served there. Alas, alas, all good things must come to an end. The restaurant closed down and morphed into a popular fastfood chain. Then we discovered that the lomi from Charlie's restaurant was just as good. Maybe they pirated the cook from the Welcome Rotonda Resto? Hehehe. Lomi is best eaten during rainy days or when one has a cold. Squeeze in some calamansi and you're ready to go!
Sonja's Cupcakes This is not your usual cupcake. This is a DESIGNER cupcake. A what?? Strategically located in Serendra, Sonja's Cupcakes is not only delicious but it's a feast to behold also. However, don't expect these pretty-looking cupcakes to be budget-friendly. Also, the tiffany-blue box is quite a darling! And because Tiffany rings are expensive, Sonja's the next big thing.
Chicharon Who doesn't love chicharon? Nevermind if it is laden with cholesterol. Nevermind if the cholesterol will block your arteries. Nevermind if its sinful because it is chicharon. These lovelies were given by a friend and it came from Cagayan de Oro City. It's not readily available in Metro Manila so I forced myself to savor every bite. Tastes great! Not oily. Waiting for my next stash! *hint* *hint* Hahaha
Cheese Pizza and Iced-Choco Had a late Valentine almost midnight (feb 15) snack of pizza and iced-chocolate courtesy of Yellow Cab (yes, my current fave!) and Starbucks buy1-take1 coupon. I guess I've been gaining weight these last few days because of pigging-out on pizza. Anyways, last night's pizza date with hubby made me change my mind about daughter's party. Instead of McDonald's, I can just order pizza for everyone and have brownies for dessert. Hmmmm... think think think
A Valentine's Date Hubby surprised me with two dozen white rose buds an hour before midnight last night. I placed the flowers in our bedroom and we all woke up to the scent (and bloom) of roses this Valentine's Day. Sweet! We had our Valentine dinner (early dinner, actually. 5pm) at Terriyaki Boy in Glorietta. That's because daughter and I are too tired to walk to Greenbelt and hubby is also tired from his consultation meeting with a client since morning. We had grilled salmon, agedashi tofu, asupara in terriyaki sauce and kani salad. We washed it down with tea and as always, daughter had her watermelon shake. Dessert was Bizu's famous macaroon's de paris (mint, chocolate & caramel). Claimed our starbucks Valentine buy1-take1 promo at 6750 branch. Yey! We left the house early because hubby's meeting is at 11am. daughter and I headed off to Glorietta after dropping hubby off somewhere in Ayala Avenue. Window-shopped with daughter, had fun looking at th
Cello's Donuts & Dips At last, after a year long wait, I was able to taste (finally!) the yummy donut creations of Cello's. The store is located along Katipunan, fronting ADMU and the other branch is located beside DLSU (I guess you can imagine my frustration because it's really too far from where I lived and I don't want to travel that far just to buy donuts. And yes, it tastes heavenly! I bought six yummy pieces (coffee, cheese, oreo, m&ms). Well, three cheese donuts though. I'll try the caramel and chocolate and the dips next time. At least, the yumminess of the donuts compensates for the long trip to Katipunan.

Pansit Guisado at Manosa

This is one of Manosa's specialty- Pansit Guisado. I've been meaning to eat at Manosa for the longest time but haven't found the time to visit until today. Located near Valencia Towers in Quezon City, this resto is the typical Chinese-resto you would find in Ongpin. Canteen-type, if you asked me. Not that presentable-looking. But even if they lack aesthetics, the food is just to die for!
I Love Chocolates! Who doesn't? From M&Ms to Chocnut to Godiva to Toblerone to Flat Tops to Goya to Cadbury, etc. Give me give me give me give me give me give me give me :D But I also miss Serg's. It's a chocolate from my childhood days but isn't being manufactured anymore. It tastes really nice and I can say at par with the imported ones. Much better than Goya (imho).
Betty's Sansrival During the late 1990's, we used to hang-out in Katipunan area because my cousin's bestfriend lives nearby. That is when I got introduced to Betty's (famous) Sansrival. Now, after almost a decade, they move to a newer and bigger location somewhere at the back of Sto. Domingo Church. It still tastes the same- yummy!
Marina Seafood Restaurant We love seafood and we favor this resto-stall in Market Market.
Mochi Balls Found this chocolate mochi's in Unimart. Very different from the usual mochi but its not that bad especially at less P40/box.
The Famous Puto Binan This is not your typical puto. I don't know why but it really tastes different. Memorable goodness that you will crave forever. Nevermind if there are other puto sellers around. You know you have to eat puto Binan. :)
Pako Salad This is a very nutritious dish. We always get our supply fresh & straight from the province. Thank you, aunties!
Resto Picks Bizu We all love Bizu. The cakes are sinfully deliciously and the pasta is just great. We also love the macaroon de paris which is quite costly for such a small piece but is really divine! Fave flavors are caramel, mint, coffee and raspberry. Their bread and duck liver pate are also superb. It's best to buy the bread around 9pm albeit the discount ;) Sugi The freshest tuna and salmon sashimi I've ever tasted are served in this resto. Alas, the price is quite far from our family budget of pigging out. Nanbantei Grilled Japanese food are in. We always order the aspara maki, quail eggs, tuna, pork and chicken liver. Then doused everything down with Nanbantei's house tea and you're ready for another round of order. The Salmon Steak is also yummy. Cafe Provencale Aside from pizza, they also serve pasta and meat dishes such as beef tenderloin, lamb chops and pork chops. I love their pork chop with mashed potato side dish. Resti craves for their grilled
Romancing Italy Whenever I'm too lazy to cook, pasta always comes to mind. I guess its because it is easy to cook Italian food. I mean, boil the pasta. Make some sauce and throw in some meat, and you're all set. ;) Bellissimo!
Sweet-Spicy Crab Crab Garlic, lots and minced it well Butter Ketchup Sprite Black Pepper Salt Sugar Chili Powder Steam the crabs, remove from heat if its half-cooked already. Slightly fry the garlic in butter, add everything according to taste. Add crabs until its cooked. Serve with hot rice- yummy!
Bacon For Breakfast Some days, eating breakfast can be challenging. So having bacon in the fridge is always a must for a no-brainer breakfast meal that I'm sure everybody loves. We patronize Purefoods Bacon with Maple syrup.
Fruitcakes When I was growing up, we always received fruitcakes during Christmas season. Although I love the taste of the cake itself (never mind the rum), I can't force myself to eat the candied fruits and nuts. Alas, there's not such thing as a fruit cake without fruits and nuts- hahaha. So going back to fruitcakes. This Christmas treat reminds me of the velvety-dresses that I wore back then. I'm not sure about having a beribboned hair (lucky!). History of Fruitcake
Limited Edition Ice-Cream I hope they bring back this flavor. So, so good and sinfully sweet!

RECIPE: TKG's White Chicken Ginger

Very easy to make. Simply steam the marinated chicken and when done, pour in the ginger sauce. Add tons of chopped chives for added flavor. Happy eating!